Aluminum to Aluminum SKA-TA 2040s Brazing Rod

Aluminum to aluminum Brazing

Many aluminum alloys can be brazed together. Aluminum brazing alloys are used to provide an all-aluminum structure with excellent corrosion resistance and good strength and appearance.

The melting point of the brazing filler metal is relatively close to that of the material being joined. However, the base metal should not be melted; as a result, close temperate control is necessary. The brazing temperature required for aluminum assemblies is determined by the melting points of the base metal and the brazing filler metal.

SKA is a powder metallurgy that aluminium brazing filler metal is produced with uniform-size aluminium powder mixed with non-corrosive flux powder at a fixed ratio of 80:20, So with its unique patented technique, offering highest brazing performance and provide solution for many existing problems that occurs during brazing process.

Application – with its unique features to Works with wide range of Aluminium alloys such as Al1000~Al7000. This product can be used for brazing the aluminium components or repairing of Radiator, Condenser, evaporator or any other aluminium parts.

Melting Temp: 4800C – 5850C


  • Clean Environment
  • Lower defective rate
  • Eco Friendly
  • Safe for the operators

Availability –

2.5 Kg, 1 Kg, 500 Grams, 50 Pcs/Pack

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