Aluminum to Aluminum Flux Cored (Injected) Brazing Ring

Alu to Alu Flux Core Injected Brazing ring

General Information-

Flux Cored Brazing Ring SU-TA 200 is seamless flux-injected (cored) brazing alloy, offers highest and stable brazing quality. It’s known for being environmental friendly and Safe to the health of the operator as it doesn’t emit any poisonous gasses while brazing.

 Application – Use with Auto Brazing process for Aluminum to Aluminum Brazing Joints. This product can be used for brazing of Radiators, Condensers or Evaporators.

 Melting Temp: 5250C – 5850C


  • Clean Environment
  • Lower defective rate
  • Eco Friendly
  • Safe for the operators

 Availability –

Sizes as per customer requirement
2500 Pcs/Pack


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