Aluminum to Aluminum Flux Cored (Mixed) Brazing Ring

Flux Cored Mixed Brazing Ring

General Information-

Flux Cored Mixed Brazing Ring – SKA is a powder metallurgy that aluminum brazing filler metal is produced with uniform-size aluminum powder mixed with non-corrosive flux powder at a fixed ratio of 80:20, So with its unique patented technique, offering highest brazing performance and provide solution for many existing problems that occurs during brazing process.

 Application – Use with Auto Brazing process for Aluminium to Aluminium Brazing Joints. This product can be used for brazing of Radiators, Condensers or Evaporators.

 Melting Temp: 5250C – 5850C


  • Clean Environment
  • Lower defective rate
  • Eco Friendly
  • Safe for the operators

 Availability –

Sizes as per customer requirement
2500 Pcs/Pack


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