Aluminum to Aluminum CWB 4047 Brazing Wire

Aluminum to Aluminum CWB 4047

General Information-

Aluminum to Aluminum Brazing wire, CWB 4047 (Al Si 12) alloy is an aluminum alloy with a high silicon content for welding and brazing of aluminum castings with a silicon content higher than 7%. Thanks to the low melting temperature, which minimizes distortions of the base metal, CWB 4047 is very often used for brazing die-cast aluminum components.

 Application – If it is used in flame welding it is recommended to use the alloy with aluminum brazing flux (corrosive/non-corrosive). This alloy has excellent smoothness characteristics but is not recommended when an anodizing treatment after welding is required.

 Melting Temp: 5450C – 5850C

 Availability – 7 kg Spool and in rod form and in ring form


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