Aluminium Brazing

Aluminum brazing alloys are used to provide an all-aluminum structure with excellent corrosion resistance and good strength and appearance. The melting point of the brazing filler metal is relatively close to that of the material being joined. However, the base metal should not be melted; as a result, close temperate control is necessary. The brazing temperature required for aluminum assemblies is determined by the melting points of the base metal and the brazing filler metal.

Aluminum Brazing Filler Metals rapidly increases the productivity and reduces the production time Its proven to be beneficial as its Cleaner and Environmental Friendly. It minimizes inferiority and efficiency of working conditions. The product has gained recognition from domestic and worldwide global Enterprises. Aluminum Or SKA and SU Series contains non-corrosive flux in the metal.

We have the best Technology and Techniques which is a Work Of Art”  and it enhances the  Human Safety, Productivity and Savings of Operational cost.

Key Benefits

Fluxes are evenly Injected to the inside of wire and fluxes are invisible to the naked eye this technology has been patented by our Manufacturer world wide. hence we are the only one to use this technology. The Main Benefit is it secures all the invisible cracks evenly. Due to Injection technology, the wire/rings are 100% seamless and there is no possibility of Air Puffs/Missing Flux.

As the Flux are invisible, there are No possibilities of Flux Dust would contaminate the production area, Hence there is No swallowing, No Breathing, No Skin Irritations from Chemical Substances of Flux Air Dust.

With No Binders used nor added during the manufacturing of Brazing Filler Metal Wires, No Poly Carbonate Fumes threatens the bronchial health of operators who are exposed to the fumes while working

Non-Corrosive KAIF4 / CSKAIF4 Flux injection technology which has been registered and patented for wires and rings. Gives a better performance to the evenly melting alloy and fills the contact points at a lower temperature a prevents the leakage problems which are a common errors after the brazing.

Very Little or No need to clean after brazing thus minimizing the cleaning process, which used to be very time taking and a longer process.

For us, the most important moral responsibility is Human Value, therefore, “Eco Natural”  Flux Mixed and Flux Injected (patented worldwide) technology as no binder is used in fluxing process.

Types of Aluminium Brazing Materials

SKA Series

Aluminum brazing filler metal is produced with uniform-size aluminum powder mixed with non-corrosive flux powder, offering highest brazing performance.Aluminum brazing filler metal at SKA series is environment friendly as it does not generate Chlorine and acid wastewater as washing before and after brazing is not necessary. SKA series offers cost efficiency and clean work environment.

SU Series

SU series is suitable for automatic wire feeding machine as it is highly flexible, and for brazing different metals such as aluminum to copper, aluminum to brass, and aluminum to stainless steel at lower temperature of 450 ℃. SU series’ seamless flux-cored pipe type design offers highest and stable brazing quality..

Vibha Aluminum Brazing

Aluminium Paste

Used for brazing parts where aluminum wire or ring can not be used (aluminum sheets, different metal sheets, brazing point with complicated area) or where flux amount should be minimized. Used at furnaces.

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