Aluminum to Aluminum CWB 4047 Plain Brazing Ring

Alu to Alu CWB 4047 Brazing ring

Aluminum to Aluminum CWB 4047 brazing ring (Al Si 12) alloy is an aluminum alloy with a high silicon content for welding and brazing of aluminum castings with a silicon content higher than 7%. Thanks to the low melting temperature, which minimizes distortions of the base metal, CWB 4047 is very often used for brazing die-cast aluminum components.

 Application –Use with Auto Brazing process for Aluminum to Aluminum Brazing Joints. This product can be used for brazing of Radiators, Condensers or Evaporators.

If it is used in flame brazing it is recommended to use the alloy with aluminium brazing flux (corrosive/non-corrosive). This alloy has excellent smoothness characteristics but is not recommended when an anodizing treatment after welding is required.

 Melting Temp: 5450C – 5850C

 Availability – Sizes are available as per customer requirement.



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